Gallery - Tarmac Restoration and Repairs (2)

Tarmac driveway in original condition
Tarmaseal application
Tarmac area fully re-coloured
Red tarmac prior to treatment
Restored and re-coloured red tarmacadam
Tarmaseal being worked into the old tarmac driveway
Tarmac repairs being carried out
Tarmac drive prior to restoration
Tarmacadam drive looking for colouring and restoration
Tarmac prior to Tarmaseal application
Tarmaseal applied and transformed
Tarmac refurbished
Tarmacadam totally refurbished and looks good
Tarmac repairs
Close up of crack repair compound being applied
Finished tarmac repair that can now be coated with Tarmaseal
Tarmaseal being prepared
Before refurbishment
Completed clean,repair and recoating with Tarmaseal
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