Gallery - Industrial Building Clean

Cleaning the exterior of an industrial building can be quite a daunting prospect, but not for DixeyClean.

Here at DixeyClean we have the specialist equipment and specific training to carry out all your exterior cleaning needs.

From our own in house MEWP with a working height of 17 meters to our reach and wash carbon fibre poles with a reach of 25meters no job is too big for DixeyClean.

Our vans are fitted with 1000 litre water tanks and diesel burners to get the temperature of the water to 80oC. This is then delivered directly to the head of the brush even if the van is parked 200 meters away!

We have industrial pressure washers with a PSI of 3200 delivering 16 litres per minute to our short or long reach lances.

So far at DixeyClean we have cleaned over 100 industrial buildings the largest being over 8ooom2!

With all the services we provide at DixeyClean we are able to,

Wash the building with HOT water and degreasers

Clear the gutters with the aid of our MEWP, roof access equipment and industrial gutter Vac

Professionally clean the windows up to 8 stories with HOT pure water

Pressure wash paved areas, car-parks, smoking shelters, bike sheds and so on

So if your building is in need of some TLC look no further than DixeyClean......The Complete Exterior Cleaning Company.

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